A revolutionary way to teach horseback riding

As seen and ridden by hundreds of people at the Equine Affair in Pomona,   The Riding Simulator, "LuLu", is now in her own big red barn at Rancho El Camino in the Del Mar area of San Diego.

Imported from England, The Riding Simulator is the first of its type designed to teach riding skills to all levels of riders.  The Riding Simulator has 5 gaits and  responds to leg and rein aids just like a real horse.

For beginners, timid riders or riders returning after a time off, the sensors that determine the speed and gait are controlled by the instructor, who is standing close by.  The “fear factor” is virtually eliminated as correct position is practiced and confidence grows.

Intermediate and Experienced riders practice their own position, timing and posture as they have control of the sensors. And LuLu will respond to their aids, perfectly every time.


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